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Provocative, Pointed, and Purely Funny... An Evening with Edward Allan Baker

KNOW Theatre
74 Carroll Street
Binghamton, NY 13901
United States

Join us for a night of performances of three plays by renowned playwright Edward Allan Baker.  The playwright himself will be in attendance on Saturday, April 8th, with a talkback after the show.  The plays are:

DOLORES is the story of two sisters drawn together because of domestic violence that influences the lives of both characters more than they've ever admitted.

Up, Down, Strange, Charmed, Beauty, and Truth
A pair of teenage sisters struggle to escape their drug-addled mother with help from their favorite down-on-his-luck uncle. Thanks to a series of wholly organic, yet startlingly unexpected plot twists, neither the characters nor their situations are what they seemed when the play began.

Mafia on Prozac
Jay and Tee are a couple of hit-men sitting by the ocean, reflecting on how their lives turned out.  Their intended victim, Matt, awaits his fate in a burlap sack.  When Al Capone visits in a dream, the outraged and desperate Matt gets dragged into refereeing the hit-men’s argument about the mob’s future.

We'll see you at the theatre!