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TEDx BinghamtonUniversity

Anderson Center For the Arts
Parkway E
Vestal, NY 13850
United States

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Looking for a common denominator in this year's TEDxBinghamtonUniversity line-up? Our speakers are all changing up the game in their respective fields! Whether it’s the pursuit of happiness, creating a change in society, learning to combat our implicit biases, visiting the world's most unknown countries, looking past the typical assumptions of schooling, seeing beyond our immediate line of vision or highlighting the positives in our day — our speakers are breaking the boundaries of ordinary!



Eric Butorac

Don’t Dream Big

Focusing on day-to-day life experiences as opposed to distant goals, can lead you down a happier and more successful path.

Ranier Maningding

Social Activism is the New Civil Rights Movement

Social activists have digitized the civil rights movement, changing the course of race and politics from the comfort of their smartphones. More than just tweets and shares, these small efforts combine to create tangible change in society. From better casting choices in big budget Hollywood films to more authentic dining experiences at high-end restaurants, social activism is a vehicle for change and progress. Is it all smoke and mirrors or have the “SJWs” tapped into something deeper?

Mollie Teitelbaum

So that's why you annoy me! Combating peccadillic implicit bias

Implicit biases are automatic associations learned through direct and indirect societal messaging that impact our behavior without our knowing it. I have identified a category of these biases that causes unfair treatment. Peccadillic implicit biases are negatively valenced, automatic associations that target relatively non-blameworthy traits or habits of individuals. These biases make us treat people worse (subconsciously), for what tend to be minor, unintentional offenses. I believe we have an obligation to identify our own peccadillic implicit biases and engage in techniques that mitigate the impact of these biases on our behavior.

Gunnar Garfors

World’s Least-Visited Countries Revisited

Chances are you haven't even heard about some of the world’s least-visited countries, let alone know anything about them. Garfors will take you through destinations globetrotters consider the ultimate bucket list. You’re in for a mind-boggling, astonishing and funny ride to some of the most unknown countries on the planet. And – surprise, surprise – they are vastly underestimated. Just don't expect any airline you ever heard of to take you there.

Cevin Soling

The Truthiness of School

Compulsory schooling is celebrated as a hallmark of progressive societies despite widespread recognition of its deficiencies. Efforts to improve the institution typically focus on increasing spending, refining curricula, developing high-quality teachers, and identifying the appropriate means and frequency of student testing. What the field of school reform consistently fails to acknowledge is the lack of any explicitly stated purpose of schooling and any analysis of the intrinsic superstructure of schools. By addressing these issues, a better understanding of schooling emerges, along with an appropriate course of action.

Ellyn Kaschak '65

Seeing Is Believing or Is Believing Seeing?

I will describe my intensive 10 years of work with individuals who are all blind since birth. Since they have had no opportunity to visually observe the cues the sighted use to code gender, race and sexual orientation, their ideas and the ways they learned them reveal how these constructs are just that and are not based in biology at all. Instead, they are constructed by and for the sighted. Using many examples, I will show unerringly the blindness of the sighted.

Chris Koch

If I Can...

Every day may not be great, but there’s something great in every day. There are times when one bit of bad news or a little bad luck can seemingly ruin our day and so it spirals down into a horrible one. Inversely, some good news or a positive exchange with someone can turn the tides on a bad day so your mood shifts and you end up having a fantastic one. For me, when I let in that little bit of positivity and allow it to grow and build, it makes the fact that I was born without arms and legs absolutely moot.

Black Dance Repetoire


Black Dance Repertoire was founded in 1985 by four women with the vision of bringing the art of ethnic dance to the community. We are a multi-cultural dance group whose purpose is to entertain. Since its inception, BDR has performed for many events on campus sponsored by student organizations, administrative offices and athletic programs. Black Dance Repertoire has also extended its services outside of the campus realm, performing not only through dance but through numerous acts of community service.