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First Friday

LUMA Projection Arts Festival 2016

State Street
Binghamton, NY
United States

LUMA, the cutting edge new projection arts festival founded in Upstate New York, returns on September 2nd.

Want to get involved as an artist? Check out the official web site at

Last year, 25,000 people gathered in Downtown Binghamton, New York to celebrate a bold confluence of technology and visual arts--a festival founded by artists, for artists, with the wholehearted embrace of an entire city.

LUMA 2016

Details on LUMA 2016 are still emerging. The team behind the projection mapping festival revealed recently that the event will feature a live 48-piece orchestra provied by the Binghamton Philharmonic, syncronized to one of five featured animations. The orchestra accompanied animation will make use of both BC Comics and Wizard of Id characters in cooperation with the cartoonists behind the strip. Current plans are for the orchestra feature to play once per hour.

Additionally, this year's event will feature LUMA's first Juried Competition. The LUMA team is inviting animators, videographers and artists to submit their own projection mapping for a chance at a $5000 grand prize. More info is available at


"Binghamton has a long tradition of coming together...but the support for year one of LUMA was nearly unprecedented."

- Mayor Rich David

2015 featured 6 core projections on 5 buildings and was made possible in large part by Visions Federal Credit Union. The first ever 3D animation of the internationally syndicated BC comic debuted. A crowd-sourced art gallery featuring dozens of artists came to life out of thin air. And several additional independent LUMAx projects supplemented the festival’s first year.

Artists hailed from Los Angeles, Soho, Serbia, and all over the Greater BInghamton area, including Binghamton University professors and industry veterans.

Not interesting in resting on laurels, the organizers are well into planning, looking to bring a bigger, bolder vision to 2016.

"This is what excites me the most about LUMA, not just projection mapping but mapping new territory. My commitment is to always keep that vision alive; pushing us in new directions that will always keep you saying 'I've never seen anything like this!'"

- LUMA Co-Founder Tice Lerner

“By allowing animators to do what they do best and by limiting artificial restrictions on their work, animators are given a free hand to make the art they really want to make: animation that pushes the boundaries of technique, design and technology.”

- LUMA Co-Founder Nick Rubenstein

“There was a lot of excitement around year one. In year two, we’re working hard to correct any where we were a bit rough around the edges. But also take things to the next level in a big way. The team wasn’t interested in putting on last year’s show--so with the help of this extraordinarily supportive community, we hope to knock it out of the park.”

- LUMA Co-Founder Joshua Bernard

Details of 2016 are still largely under wraps. But the LUMA team will announce details in the coming months. Visit and to see details as they emerge.

“We knew the team was on to something special with their vision for LUMA, but we had no idea it was going to take off and be as wildly successful as it was the first year.  What a great event for the City of Binghamton and we were incredibly proud to be the title sponsor if it!”

- Tyrone Muse, CEO, Visions Federal Credit Union

For details on sponsorship, email

TEAM LUMA (2015)

Joshua Bernard Ludzki
Nick Rubenstein
Tice Lerner
Brittany Oliva
Adam Gabriel
Bob Murphy
Drew Peters
Douglas Camin
Mason Mastroianni
Mick Mastrioianni
Patti Hart
Howey Mitsakos
Jon Layish
Alexis Pleus
Blazo Kovacevic
Cody Clifford
Christina Muscatello
Sylvia Kerber
Wayne Kerber
John Brunelli
Daniel Sharp
Zach Mulligan
Tyrone Muse
Tim Strong
Tom Haines
Sherrie Rinker
Raymond Alvarez
Luke Fuller
Diana Salvemini
Saurabh Gupta
And all our amazing day-of volunteers!