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BingPop Beginner Photography Workshop w Joshua B

12 Alice Street
Binghamton, NY 13904
United States

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Learn how to take high-end professional photos in a fun, no-pressure atmosphere.

Ever looked at the photos posted by BingPop and though 'wish I could do that!' It's not really all that hard; we'll get you started--no experience necessary. All you need is an entry level "DSLR" camera or better (digital single-lens reflex camera)--or certain mirrorless cameras. Not sure if you have a DSLR? They usually have detachable lenses--but you can email for help.

The class will be held in the very cool Jablon Studios space typically used for mosaic projects--definitely worth checking out.

You'll learn how to set the camera to manual and makes the choices necessary to take high-end professional photos. Don't be intimidated! It gets technical but we'll take it one step at a time.

Class is limited to 20 participants.

The fee for four 90 minutes classes is $200.

To register for the class:

Send a $50 non-refundable deposit (plus online processing fee) or the entire fee using your credit card or PayPal. The balance is due the day of the first class.

Thursday March 9 @ 5:30pm
Thursday March 16 @5:30pm
Thursday March 23 @ 5:30pm
Thursday March 30 @ 5:30pm

Jablon Studios

12 Alice St Binghamton, NY 13904


Learn the Basics.

- What makes a photo look 'professional' or 'high end'?
- What's the real difference between a cell phone pic and a photo from a quality DSLR?
- Shutter speed, aperture and ISO--how do these three most important settings on your camera while in manual interact to take a great shot?
- Take your first few photos armed with your new knowledge.


Lenses are your friends. You might have just one but you should know what it's best for!
- What makes the lens that came with your camera different from all other lenses?
- Why the 'zoom' on your lens isn't really a zoom at all.
- Take flattering photos by setting up your lens right.
- Why different lenses have different purposes.
- How to take great photos of architecture, rooms or businesses.


What the heck is 'white balance'? Why not all light bulbs are equal.
- How do I take great photos when it's dark?
- What is 'mixed lighting' and why does it make everything look terrible?
- How do you use that little flash on your camera (and when not to use it).
- Use your flash to get super crisp, super clear, super sharp photos.


The photo walk
- Apply what you've learned during an outdoor photo walk.
- Photograph architecture and landscapes.
- Set a model in an environment and learn how to highlight your subject.