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Suzanne Clark Butterfly Warrior Benefit

Terra Cotta
Binghamton, NY 13901
United States

On February 5, Suzanne was diagnosed with  grade 4 Glioblastoma malignant brain cancer.  The same disease that took her mother’s life at age 50.    The tumor is gone but the cancer cells remain in her brain.   The butterflies symbolize her mothers  continued presence in the lives of Suzanne and her family.   As she  begins her Butterfly Warrior battle  with chemotherapy and radiation to stop the regeneration of another brain tumor, Suzanne strives  to fight for her life with purpose.  Suzanne and her husband John have given so much to our community over the years, it is now this community's  commitment to give back this love as she perseveres.

Please join us. 

* All proceeds will go directly to Suzanne and her family to offset medical expenses.