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The Mission

BingPop was founded on a simple idea: that residents of small towns like Binghamton have the power to shape their own destiny.

By finding new ways to communicate what's great about upstate living, our home town is just beginning to suprise and excite visitors, new residents and students alike. It's BingPop's mission to be a small-town growth accelators--to utilize new media tools and a pop sensibility to freshen our city's image. Already, people who have grown up with a radically different idea of what it means to be from Binghamton are beginning to rediscover their own environment--the new restaurants, galleries, shops and lofts downtown.

BingPop exists to give all of us the tools to rebuild, rebrand, and reconnect in an age when people are just beginning to relearn the charm of small town living in an intimately connected world.

The Site

It won't be news to you that Downtown Binghamton is on the mend. But while we all may have discovered a vibrant new energy, so much goes unseen and so many opportunities are missed. How many times have you signed on to Facebook or Instagram to see photos of an event you just missed? intends to be the ultimate guide to day to day living in Binghamton--a site you can visit, customized to your tastes, that will ensure you never miss another great night out.

The Founder

Joshua Bernard Ludzki is an event producer, entrepreneur, on-air host, writer, photographer and web developers. He began his career working behind the scenes in Top 40 Radio at Open House Party and Star 93.7 in Boston. After a brief stint in Boston, he moved to New York to work at the legendary 103.5 KTU. But his life changed when he moved to a small town called Binghamton for his first on-air gig. Working as a morning show host, online director and eventually assistant program director, he realized what it was to live in a community full of familiar faces. Fully immersing himself, he worked on the board of the Southern Tier AIDS Program, served on the Mayor's Downtown Development Commission, founded a blog called BingPop and an online guide called BingSpot. These helped spawn Binghamton's Martini Walk, Wine & Tapas Tour, Masquerade in the Mansion, Loft Living Tour, Sidecar, and many more.

Most recently, Joshua and BingPop joined with a multitude of other community members to found LUMA, a projection arts festival drawing a crowd of 25,000 to a city of 45,000.

Joshua's passion is connecting the smallest of undiscovered businesses to a world craving the next great idea.